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    Our horses are grateful for a daily dose of love and a regular meal, not to mention vet checks.

But we need your help for their recovery.

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Paso Fino Rescues - September 2011 


These four Paso Finos were part of a herd of eight in Woodville. They had not been properly fed for months. When brought into foster care, it took 2-3 days for three of the horses to relearn how to graze on grass. (A foster mom for one of the horses had to rip up the grass and then hand feed it to the horse to give him an idea what it was.) They are now all in loving foster homes and on their way to recovery. 




  Ninja is a 25 year old Appendix Quarter Horse found in a sandy lot in Quincy, Fla., and surrendered by his owner to Gadsden County Animal Control. He is a sweet animal, about 15.2 hands. Stands to be groomed and bathed. Easily loads. Has a long rehabilitation ahead. But as emaciated as he is, he has a great attitude and is already trying to become herd leader.

 The photo above was taken in October of 2010. Below is a photo from January 2011 - after 10 wormings, a teeth floating and better nutrition. He's on his way back.



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 Winntu and New Moon

(Winntu  has been adopted. New Moon is ready for Adoption)


   These two beauties come to us from Hidden Springs Horse Rescue, Inc.  They where over capacity and requested our assistance.

 New Moon is a 1-2 year old paint chestnut mare and Winntu is a 1-2 year old dun paint Gelding.  Winntu has been adopted out and New Moon is in foster care with Ashley Heath and Patricia Lazenby.  Pease go to our "FORMS" page to fill out an adoption request.

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 Scarlet  (Ready for Adoption)


         Scarlet and Jewel come to us by way of Lil Patch of Heaven Horse Rescue in Jasper Florida.  These two where seized from their owner because of their emaciated condition.  Lil Patch had no more room, so asked for Triple R's assistance.

Scarlett is a 5 year old TB Chestnut, 15.3 -16  hands.  She is also Jewel's Mom. Scarlett has a hernia on her right flank. 

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SCOUT - Registered Mustang

Scout came to Triple R through Madison County Animal Control in March of 2011 — and owes his life to Clint Whitlock, a dedicated animal control officer who made sure this guy found a good home.

 Scout escaped from a home where two of his pasture mates had been starved to death — and the third had to be put down when animal control intervened. This mustang's survival instincts kicked into high gear and he got outside the paddock where he roamed the neighborhood and grazed on whatever he could find. After Clint picked him up, he fed him hay and some feed to put the weight back on - and Scout gained quickly. The county was ready to euthanize Scout but Clint intervened to find a home for him — and he called Triple R.

He comes from Nevada. We'll update with more information as we get it.

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Mandie Dapas - Chalice 2010

Ashley Wood - Trouble 2010

Andrew Livingston - Trouble 2010

Carol Komarnisky - Jewel 7/2010 - 6/2011