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"Triple R"

2012 Calendars are here and ready for you to purchase for $15. Call 850-322-5131 to find out how to get yours. Great Christmas gift!!!

Here is a look at some of our calendar girls and guys...

Handsome Riot




 Triple Star

How You Can Help

Donations Needed
Please contact any board member for donations - Donations in any form are welcome. Cash, feed, supplies, veterinary, shoeing, equipment etc. 
Mail Checks payable to Triple R
Triple R
PO Box 494
Tallahassee Fl, 32302

Be a Monthly Virtual Foster of a Horse
Become a Triple R Member
Triple R membership for 2011 will include:


  • A Quarterly news letter sent via e-mail.
  • Name listed on web site as a member.
  • Inclusion in our member's only e-mail list.
  • Your $25.00 membership is considered a donation and is tax deductable.


     Send $25.00 via PayPal and include your name, address, phone and e-mail account with your payment. 

    2010 Annual membership - $20

     If you do not have or want a PayPal account, just send a letter and check payable to TripleR  and include the above information.

     Mail to:  Triple R - P.O. Box 494, Tallahassee Fl, 32302


    Southern States Cooperative, Inc • Feed Division
    P.O. Box 26234Richmond, VA 23260

    Turn Your Feed Bags Into Money Bags!

      Turning empty feed bags into cash is easy with Southern States Special Horse Organization Winner (SHOW) Program. No other feed company has supported the horse industry more than Southern States.

     Just by doing what you’re already doing — giving your horses Southern States feed. We can earn 10¢ for each proof-of-purchase seal from Reliance® feed bags and 25¢ for Legends® or Triple Crown® feed bags. You can even earn $4 per ton on bulk bin deliveries of Reliance pellets and $10 per ton on Legends pelleted feeds. All you have to do is collect the proof-of-purchase seal found on the back of all Southern States feeds from your organization’s members, friends and family. Feed tags are not accepted. 

     Submit the proof of purchases to:

    Triple R - P.O. Box 494, Tallahassee FL. 32302

      We will mail proof of purchases to Southern Sates for cash towards feed and other supplies.