Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Ranch, Inc. - Tallahassee

"Triple R"

NINJA - Adoption fee $350


Ninja came to us Ninja came to us from Gadsden County in the early fall of 2010. He was a walking skeleton and probably weeks away from being beyond our ability to help. But with good food and vet care, this is how he looks today, six months later, at his foster home.

Here is how he looked when he came into Triple R's care...

He is a Quarter Horse about 15 hands high and is believed to be 25-26 years old. He is in good health again. We know nothing about his past but he loads well, is very sweet natured, loves bananas and has apparently been ridden. He accepted a western saddle and bit with no touble but was fearful when a rider got on him, almost like he was waiting to be hit or punished in some way. Gaining his confidence and trust will take some time and patience - and his foster family is working on it now.


Storm -- Adoption Fee $350

This Paint gelding came to us from Capitola as an owner surrender. He is about 13 hands, loads well, picks up his feet, has started preliminary training and is taking a bit and a saddle. Very sweet disposition.



    SCARLETT- $350 adoption fee                 



Scarlett is a 5 year old 15.3 to 16 hand thoroughbred mare. Scarlett had a filly in March. Unfortunately she has a hernia from a previous birth and we are working with local vets to determine the best direction to take for her medical needs. We don't know much about Scarlett's past, but we suspect she has been a brood mare for most of her short life.  Scarlett is currently at the home of Lynn Smith. The filly, Triple Star, has been adopted.



New Moon - $350 adoption fee

This beauty came to us from Hidden Springs Horse Rescue, Inc. They were over capacity and requested our assistance. (Her brother, Winntu has been adopted and can be seen on our Success Stories page.)
New Moon is a 2-year-old paint chestnut mare who came to us pregnant and delivered a healthy colt (Apache Cloud)  in late spring 2011. She is currently in Foster care waiting for an adoption. Apache Cloud (barn name George) has been adopted.



 If you are interested in adopting any of these horses please go to our "Forms" page for an application and call 850/219-1497